When Should I start shopping for my Wedding Dress?

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When Should I start shopping for my Wedding Dress?

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As soon as you got engaged, it’s all you can think about. The perfect wedding dress. So, it’s not surprising that shopping for the wedding dress is bound to be fun, yet slightly overwhelming.

When should you start looking for the perfect wedding dress? Where should you start to look?

12 months until your wedding day:

Setting your wedding dress budget.

First things first, make sure to set your overall wedding budget, then, from that, you need to decide, how much to spend on your wedding dress.

Along with the actual cost of the wedding dress, you may need to add on extras, such as:

1) Alterations
2) Accessories such as shoes, veil and jewellery (Usually 10-20% extra)

All, some or none of the above could apply.

Make sure you do your research:

Before the shopping even begins, make sure you do some research to decide on what kind of style wedding dress you are looking for. Most bridal shops will help you with this process.

It is a good idea to have a look at some styles in some shops you know you want to visit. (Browse our current dresses here: www.modernfashions.ie)

Time to go Wedding Dress Shopping!

The earlier you start looking, the better! This will give you time for custom alterations as you may need a series of alterations to get the desired fit for your body shape and style. At Modern Fashions we provide private appointments to ensure one-to-one attention and advice for your body shape, trends and styles and to have enough time to calmly go through a range of your favourite dresses. (To book an appointment with us, simply email info@modernfashions.ie or call us on 042 93 34356)

5 Months until your Wedding Day:

Shop for Your Undergarments

Make sure to buy your undergarments before your first fitting as even the slightest change in what you wear underneath, could affect the shape of the wedding dress.

Decide on and Buy Your Hair Accessories

This is perfect timing to also find your veil and make sure to have one or more trial runs of your hairstyle for the day.

Decide on and Buy Your Shoes

Firstly, you will need your shoes for your first fitting as no alteration can be done without your shoes. The length of your hem line depend on the height of a heel you wear .
Remember, you will be on your feet for the majority of the day, so make sure to choose shoes with this in mind.

8 Weeks until your Wedding Day

Time to Decide on your ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.’
Make sure your bridal shop or whoever is doing your alterations knows if there is anything to be added to the dress, such as a ribbon etc.

2 Weeks until your wedding day

Practice Walking in Your Shoes

Make sure you walk around your house and as many places as possible before your big day. You need to give yourself time to break them in. Some brides also bag themselves a second pair of pretty flats, for later on in the night.

Time to collect your wedding dress

A soon as your wedding dress is ready, you need to find somewhere to store it, where your partner wont see it! Some bridal shops will keep your dress for you until a few days before the wedding! Make sure you’re happy with the dress and make sure nothing can snag on the dress when it’s wrapped up.

Here at Modern Fashions we store your wedding dress up until you want to collect it and take home. Your wedding dress will be presented to you on the day you collect it pressed and steamed ready for you to wear on your special day.

Your Wedding Day

Happy wedding day!

This is your day, make sure you allow extra time to get dressed and enjoy every single moment!
To book an appointment with us to view our dresses, simply email info@modernfashions.ie or call us on 042 93 34356.